myhive Átrium Park

myhive Átrium Park is a state-of-the-art office building located halfway down Váci Road.

Zita Kovács-Bertók
Lead Leasing Management & Marketing Coordinator

Easy to reach location
with flexible office solutions

myhive Átrium Park is situated at the heart of the Váci út office neighbourhood, ensuring great accessibility by both car and public transport.

The Árpád híd and Dózsa György út underground stops serviced by metroline M3 are both just 5 minutes away on foot. They are important hubs where plenty of bus lines connect. Trolleybus lines 75 and 79 are also a 5-minute stroll from the building.
Tram 1 is a short walk from the property as well.

The office building provides the perfect working environment, by offering wide variety of services, a nice garden, restaurant and cafe, underground garage, bicycle storage and a conference complex.

Our flexible office solutions are available and ideal solutions for companies of all size, even if You are looking for a short term lease work station, or an exclusive office area with full infrastructure and amenities.

Our tenants are also able to enjoy the benefits of the myhive community. Our Community Management is taking care of all tenant needs.



With myoffice you have a special choice. We are referring to your company from around 20 employees. And the myoffice office solutions that you can choose between: from the already equipped option, ready to move in to and ready to use, to the customised option that can be completely individually designed - from the colour scheme to the required furniture and office services. The decision is yours. But it is always the right one. Congratulations!



Do you prefer your own office in the thick of it, rather than on the sidelines? Representatively branded with your company logo? Perfect! In our coworking area, you will experience a vibrant and contemporary working environment with modern furnishing, a generous infrastructure and exclusive office services. Welcome!



Arrive, connect your laptop, start work straight away. That is how easy it is with the mydeskplug in and work workspaces: designated individual workspaces – with first-class equipment and connected to a generous office infrastructure, as well as great office services. You get everything you need for your successful business. Don’t hesitate and get started!



The best time for your flexible workspace is right now. And wherever you choose: Book myflex in a myhive location of your choice – and simply always choose the free space that is just right for your daily tasks. You can find it in our comfortable coworking area. Our office infrastructure and office services for modern working will also impress you. So when exactly can we expect to see you?


myoffice: a new way of flexibility

myoffice is a perfect office solution for your company, if You are looking for a ready to let, fully furnished and infrastructured office space, even for shorter or longer period.

Perfect design and convenience

You can choose an already existing myoffice and move in immediately. Or you can create your own layout using our professional help and myhive design, which includes focus rooms, meeting rooms, open or closed offices, reception and lounge ares, kitchen and server room.

Quality and comfort

myoffice offers comfortable, cosy and healthy working environment with quality and ergonomically designed furnitures. On top of that these spaces have the perfect balance between natural and artificial lights by using biorytmic standing lamps. The high amount of plants, sectionally regurable heating&cooling system and spacious rooms add up to a viable space.

Fully serviced and ready to let

We not only provide a space, but we also take the burdens operating an office off your shoulders by taking care of all the office services like IT infrastructure, cleaning, maintenance, plantcare and even the kitchen supplies. At myhive Átrium Park, myoffice tenants are also be able to enjoy the building’s amenities like the beautiful garden, restaurant, gym, myconference, myplayground and mybeauty.

Walk around in your future myoffice

Take a look around our flexible office area! This 2nd floor area lies on 378 sqm, and it is available from 3 years of lease term, with full infrastructure and service package. We provide You all the convenience services, for example cleaning, maintenance, plant care, IT infrastructure. Besides the unique design, the area is equipped with premium furnitures, adjustable ergonomic office articles.

Building A, H
Building B, D, G

Find available
myoffice spaces

mycowork at myhive Átrium Park

mycowork is the most suitable solution if you are looking for an office space with very flexible lease conditions. mycowork offers a dedicated office or a desk for as little as one month up to one year, in a fully serviced shared office space.

myconference at myhive Átrium Park

Our conference centre (myconference) located in the myhive Átrium Park office complex offers ideal conditions for shorter meetings, longer business events, workshops or even formal standing receptions.

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The best office location
in the capital city

myhive Átrium Park is easily accessible by car and public transport as well.

By using public transportation, ‘Göncz Árpád városközpont’ and ‘Dózsa György út’ underground stops serviced by metroline M3 are both just 5 minutes away on foot. They are important hubs where plenty of bus lines connect. Trolleybus lines 75 and 79 are also a 5-minute stroll from the building. Tram 1 is a short walk from the property as well.

Our underground garage provides parking service not only for our tenants, but guest parking solution is also available.

If someone is arriving by bicycle, we offer a bicycle storage with changing room and showers.

Services that meet

with tenants needs

myhive is committed to fully meet with the diverse needs of our tenants.

myhive Átrium Park offices provide a congenial working environment and a unique atmosphere in the city’s new business centre. The green areas and esplanades create a cosy setting that is reminiscent of a tranquil suburb. The expansive glass surfaces bathe the inside areas in natural light. And the wide range of services offered by myhive ensure that you won’t waste time on trivial things and can focus on what really matters. The tight-knit group of myhive tenants enjoys shared events organised by the Community Manager.


You can bring your child to work, where our childcare services will ensure they play happily while you get on with your tasks. Everyone benefits.


myhive is the perfect setting for your gatherings – whether they’re large conferences or one-on-one meetings.

Our shared space

Fancy a quick coffee break? Unwind in the comfortable myhive lobbies and lounges.

Café & Restaurant

Serving a delicious menu, the restaurant is always there if you happen to feel peckish.

Parking for visitors

We provide parking spaces and even electric car charging via a mobile app.


Exercise is always a good option, especially if the gym is right on your doorstep.


There is outdoor seating to grab some fresh air and recharge your batteries.


Are you feeling like going to the cosmetics? We have a beauty salon in our building.

Car Wash

You don't have to go far to get your car cleaned. Just drop it off and pick it up after work at the end of the day!

Bike storage & Shower

For those who prefer the bicycle to the car, myhive provides parking spaces for bicycles.

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