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Átrium Park
myhive Community

myhive Atrium Park is more than a regular office! There is a colourful, thriving community with several after work programmes and services for tenants. Community Manager Jenő Nizák organises the monthly 200 minutes events, as well as farmer’s markets and fascinating presentations. He also communicates daily with tenants on the myhive app and is delighted to hear bright new ideas for the myhive community.


Jeno Nizák

Community Manager

Our services

We offer a wide range of services at myhive Atrium Park to make your working life easier. You can stop off at the gym before or after work or enjoy a coffee break in our oasis of green.

Outside area

Enjoy your coffee in the tranquil peace of the large inner courtyard if you need a break.

Café & Restaurant

Serving a delicious menu, the restaurant is always there if you happen to feel peckish.


You can bring your child to work, where our childcare services will ensure they play happily while you get on with your tasks. Everyone benefits.


Exercise is always a good option, especially if the gym is right on your doorstep.

24h security

Trained staff discreetly ensure that the myhive offices remain perfectly secure.

Welcome desk

The receptionists in the myhive offices actively cater to the needs of tenants and visitors, whether they have questions or require services.

Parking for visitors

There is a mobile app to allow visitors to park in our underground garage.

Flower Service

Order your flowers at the myhive receptions.

Bike room, showers and lockers

For those who prefer the bicycle to the car, myhive offers parking spaces for bicycles, lockers and showers.


Atrium Park' s adaptable infrastructure includes two popular restaurants serving a delicious selection of dishes. NY Bagel is the best place for breakfast, a sandwich or a coffee, while Eurest is very popular due to its lunch menu and cafeteria section.

New York Bagel

From outside you can already see our baker busily rolling those heavenly circles of dough - because we bake everything right here, on premises, at our own shop.

Eurest restaurant

We provide full range of cold and hot food service, event management and facility management services to our customers.


Infiniti Centre

Dealership of the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan.

Autó Fort

Car dealership with showroom and wide range of services.


Copy, print, graphics service in the corner of the office building next to Angyalföldi út.