myhive – international community

myhive tenants benefit from unique communication and collaboration
opportunities in an international community across all office locations.

The myhive community design, service and infrastructure foster communication and cooperation and in doing so create a thriving international community across all myhive locations. Community Managers support interaction between tenants at all myhive locations, identify collaboration opportunities and make the necessary introductions.

Regular networking events and talks on various topics set the stage for informal communications, while the new myhive app keeps you abreast of all the important information. And you can wrap up the day in myhive style at one of our many after work events – in great company with food, drinks and lounge music. Our regular newsletter keeps myhive tenants up-to-date with services, events and special offers for the coming month.

Our myhive videos

There’s never a dull moment at myhive. We regularly upload updates and videos about our events such as the 200 minute series or special occasions like Halloween parties and FIFA competitions.

Click through our video library to view our popular after work events or other activities.

200 Minutes Travel Fever
Watch video
Familiy Picnic for Kids Day
Watch video
Retro Party
Watch video
Halloween Party
Watch video
200 Minutes Carneval
Watch video
After Work Event
Watch video

The new myhive offices app
All our services, at your fingertips

The myhive offices app – a practical tool with plenty of benefits to make the most of everyday life at your myhive office location!

The myhive offices app keeps you up-to-date with relevant information about your office, as well as the latest news from your office and community, while also enabling easy communication with professionals in other companies at your myhive location. You’ll never miss out on an event or any essential information. You’ll also be able to reach us, our technicians and specialists faster than ever before, whatever you happen to need.

All of it wrapped up in a single digital package – your myhive offices app. Available now on App Store and Google Play.


What our myhive
Community Managers say


As a myhive Community Manager I believe that it is important to create and maintain relations with and also among our tenants with a smile on my face. Who would not love to organize exciting networking activities for the community?

Peter Soltis
Community Manager at myhive Slovakia

Being Community Manager is not just a job for me, it is my passion. Serving the myhive community means interacting with thousands of wonderful individuals, with great personalities and inspiring stories.

Karolina Mysinska-Maroszek
Community Manager at myhive Poland

Community is a sign that interaction is possible in a today's virtual world where people socialize online. I am very happy to work as a Community manager and organise various events for our tenants or have a small chit-chat over a cup of coffee.

Lenka Bizkova
Community Manager at myhive Czech Republic

As a myhive Community Manager I always try to do my best to meet the expectations of the tenants. It doesn't matter if it's an afterwork party, an interesting presentation or a sport class - I guarantee the high standard of the myhive events.

Jenő Nizák
Community Manager at myhive Hungary

It makes me proud to always be here for our myhive community. And in times like these "being here" is more a matter of online than offline. This has likely been the biggest challenge I’ve had in my role, however I can say that it's a challenge I'm happy to master. I am entirely commited to bringing our community together - no matter what may come.

Mirela Radu
Community Manager at myhive Romania

After almost two years as a Community Manager, I can say that working and interacting with people, organizing events and services is a lot of fun but has its challenges. No day is like the other, which I cherish the most at my job.

Julia Dobbler
Community Manager at myhive Austria

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