myhive Nimbus

Class A modern office building with impressive high-ceilinged and light-filled rooms.

Rafal Pisklewicz
Team Leader Office

Insight into
the details of the property

myhive Nimbus is a Class A modern office building located at Jerozolimskie Avenue. It offers around 20,000 sqm of space. The original architecture idea behind the building included several industrial elements, which afterwards perfectly matched and complemented with the myhive design when launching the brand.

The building offers a direct access from the lobby to a stylish Etno Cafe servind drinks and snacks as well as popular restaurant Connect Lunch Bar.


Services available
at myhive Nimbus

The facilities found on myhive Nimbus include a conference centre, parking for cyclists and showers, a mother room, a restaurant and café as well as free WiFi and green terraces on some of the floors. In spring and summer, tenants can also take advantage of the free myhive bike system. In front of the building there is also a special parking lot for electric scooters, which can be rented by the minute. There are 200 parking spaces available for tenants in the underground garage.

comfort zone at work and beyond

With its features including community management, attentive service, versatile infrastructure and a warm lobby as in boutique hotels, myhive sets new standards in the field of office rental.


Lively place during the lunch hours, serving a wide selection of delicious meals

Hives on the roof

250,000 bees in five hives, producing up to 100 litres of honey per season.


Very stylish and popular place offering not only coffee but also delicious snacks and desserts.

myhive bike system

Free bike system available for tenants in the spring and summer season.

Conference Room

Perfect solution if you have an important meeting but are lacking the right space.


Underground car park with 200 parking spaces.

Free WiFi

High-speed internet available to tenants and employees in all buildings.

myhive Nimbus is a Class A modern office building located at Jerozolimskie Avenue. 

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