Dear myhive community, due to current developments on COVID-19 (corona virus) we would like to provide you with the following information. The Ministry of Health has summarized numerous recommendations for prevention, you can find them under the WHO Website:


myhive Nimbus

Modern and welcoming office building, with 5 beehives on the rooftop.

myhive community

The myhive Nimbus community has as many as 2000 people - each of them can take advantage of various events tailored to their needs and interests.

Our wide offer of free, dedicated events include numerous sports activities, ExpertTalk meetings with well-known specialists in the field of personal and professional development, but also events created as mass events. Those include our series of musical events - myhive music club. The current pandemic situation has verified our strategy and approach in this regard. Even so, we are not slowing down. You can find the exact calendar in the myhive app.

Why are we doing this? As part of our ever-expanding community, the organized events are a tool aimed at developing individual network of contacts among people working in buildings covered by this brand, both on a social and business basis.

Do you have an idea for an event you would like to participate in? Contact our Community Manager Karolina Mysińska-Maroszek, who interacts with our tenants and coordinates events for myhive community.

PS. The Nimbus community also contains 250,000 bees in five hives, producing up to 100 litres of honey per season!


Karolina Mysińska-Maroszek

Community Manager


The facilities found on myhive Nimbus include a conference centre, parking for cyclists and showers, a mother room, a restaurant and café as well as free WiFi and green terraces on some of the floors. In spring and summer, tenants can also take advantage of the free myhive bike system.

In front of the building there is also a special parking lot for electric scooters, which can be rented by the minute. There are 200 parking spaces available for tenants in the underground garage.

Connect Lunch Bar

Connect Lunch Bar is a restaurant located on the ground floor of the myhive Nimbus office building. 

Etno Cafe

The lobby of the building has direct access to a stylish Etno Cafe, especially for the myhive community.