Women's Day with Dorota Wellman

Expert Talk from the 38th floor of myhive Warsaw Spire – how to speak in a way to be heard.

Every day people give thirty million presentations all over the world. How many of them are interesting and memorable for the audience?

This year, on the occasion of International Women's Day, we had the pleasure of inviting representatives of the myhive community to a unique meeting with Dorota Wellman, a legend of Polish television. In addition to the live event in the myconference space, we also hosted an online streaming event. The well-known journalist gave us knowledge and a number of valuable tips to make our future presentations, both in professional and private life, more advanced. Remember, good preparation is a guarantee of success and self-confidence during the speech. At the end of the meeting, each participant received a book with a dedication from the author herself.

Your Community Manager, 

Karolina Mysińska-Maroszek