Tips from your Communtiy manager

TV and podcast tips for home relaxation

Hello myhive community,

Just as many of you, I miss dearly our networking events and social contact.

Those of you that met me know, that I love a good laugh and humor. That is why I do not want to write about how our values changes, how all of us would love to go outside, how difficult and monotonous these times are, how we want to have beer with friends and colleagues.

The only thing I will say is that we need to hold on and stay positive.

That is why I have prepared for you my tips for making the waiting more enjoyable with a bit of silly humor :)

I love to listen to podcast Jauuu, PS: to bolelo with Petra Polnišová and Evelyn. It is definitely not everyones cup of tea, however listening to two relationship experts without expertise is really funny. Similar style of podcast is podcast Boris a Brambor with hockey players Marián Gáborík and Boris Valábik, that is not only about hockey.


Since I was talking about unqualified advice, I must mention very popular podcast by american actress and comedian Anna Faris – Anna Faris is Unqualified. Together with famous guests, she talks about „basic hollywood life“ and its joys and worries.

If you like food I definitely recommend to listen to few episodes of Podgast by Čoje, because I dont have any more inspiration for home cooking. Foodblogger Čoje with his guests talk about food trends and restaurants, food you remember from your childhood, or basically about everything related to only the best food.

While talking about food, I have to mention that I love docuseries on Netflix. I have just recently found Chefs Table. It is a docuseries about Michelin star Chefs, their stories and how their food is different from the rest of the world.

If you like weird and infectious humor, you should definitely watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or Brooklyn Nine-Nine about police precinct in New York.

If you love a bit of sci-fi and superheroes, you have to watch Umbrella Academy on Netflix or Watchmen on HBO.

The last series I binge-watched was Unorthodox. Very engaging series about jewish orthodox girl from closed community of Williamsburg jews in New York, that ran away from this life to liberal Berlin.

Instead of books I would recommend web  

It really seems like we will be spending summer holiday in Slovakia, and that is why less visited regions and hidden gems are a must! Web maps forgotten industrial monuments – mines, war monuments, factories and others. My summer holiday will definitely be inspired by the selection from this web.


I wish you nice time and let me know how you liked this selection


Your Community Manager,

Peter Šoltis