How to mentally deal with the current situation and how to cope with it?


We are in a situation we have never been in, we are afraid of loved ones and friends. It is only natural that this does not leave us indifferent. Each of our emotions, but also of someone else's different emotion, is fine  in confrontation with an unexpected situation. However, it is important that we pay attention to it and know that our further reactions and experiences may also be related to it.

In this context, you may feel in yourself or in others:
  • difficulty concentrating and memory, impaired performance,
  • restlessness, irritability and internal tension,
  • numbness of the senses to apathy,
  • feeling overwhelmed, flooded,
  • loss or, conversely, excess energy,
  • anorexia, insomnia,
  • crying, hypersensitivity,
  • intense negative thoughts about the future,
  • physical discomfort - headache, tension in various parts of the body.
We want to let you know that we are here for you. Our team of experts on the Crisis Line of Confidedentiality Nezábudka 0800 800 566 is ready to help you get through these feelings.



However, we can also help ourselves. 

We bring you a brief overview of first aid in these challenging times:



  • Let us realize that these feelings are a normal reaction to an abnormal situation , let us accept them, let us not condemn them in ourselves or in others.
  • Let us accept the fact that this situation is simply here, but one day it will pass.
  • Let's try to keep calm, let's breathe deeply. Let us be kind even in this difficult time and help others.
  • Let's stay in touch with our loved ones and friends. It adds a sense of security and relieves stress.
  • Let's restrict access to the media. Watching the news keeps us tense and threatened.
  • Let's look for information from official sources.
  • Let's not spread unverified news and hoaxes.
  • Let's get involved in community help.
  • Fear, anxiety or crying are completely normal and understandable emotions at the moment. We are not ashamed of them. On the contrary, let's talk about close people, let's not stay alone with our thoughts and feelings. Writing a diary will also help.
  • Let us listen to our internal needs and give them space - it is okay to express solidarity or get involved in aid, but also not to express ourselves and remain neutral.
  • Avoid alcohol and large doses of caffeine - they can promote tension and anxiety.
  • Contact a professional help with confidence if you feel that you cannot cope with the intensity of negative feelings yourself.