Health Week


I would like to invite you to a week dedicated to health at myhive Vajnorská - Health Week!

All procedures and measurements are free of charge!

On Monday 18th of October from 10:00 until 15:00 you can have your body composition measured using an InBody measurement and then discuss the results with a nutritionist!
  • Measuring body composition will reveal the basic data about your body - the value of basal metabolism, fat percentage and muscle content, so that we can precisely adjust the individual caloric intake. The measured values will be explained in detail by an expert in the field of nutrition. The consultation provides a space, where in addition to body composition, you will also learn how to set up your diet in the long run.
  • Measurement and consultation will take place in the lobby of Tower 1 and Tower 2
  • Registration for specific time can be found here: https://healthservices.sk/myhive/ 
​On Tuesday 19.10. ladies can look forward to pampering by specialists form Mary Kay from 10:00 until 15:00 on the balcony on the 2nd floor of Tower 1
  • You can register for 20 min spa treatment - hydrating treatment for your hands that are dried due to constant disinfection with alcohol base disinfectants. Your hands deserve extra care!
  • During those 20min you will also get your skin checked and based on the needs you will also get a recommendation of care. Mary Kay specialists will take care of you with soft, careful and relaxing skin treatment, cleaning with face brush and will end with lifting face massage.
  • Those of you that will not make it do not worry - you can just stop by during the day and sign up into a competition!
  • At 15:00 we will draw for great prizes!
  • You can sign up for specific time by the Welcome Desk at both lobbies of myhive Vajnorská 
Wednesday 20th of October from 10:00 until 15:00 is dedicated to healthy hearts - you can sign up to EKG screening.
  • 15min EKG screening can discover severe heart problems before the onset of the first symptoms, such as: arrhythmia, enlargement of the heart, insufficient blood supply to the heart or heart attack. 
  • This is a simple, painless and quick examination that you can complete comfortably in the premises of meeting room 1 at myhive Vajnorská | Tower 1 on the 2nd floor.
  • Registration for 15 min screening can be found here: https://healthservices.sk/myhive/ 
Thursday 21st of October is dedicated to your eyesight.
  • 14th of October was the world sight day and our tenant and member of myhive community Essilor has prepared for you measurement of eyesight together with professionals that will also give you a consultation.
  • Measurements will take place in the lobby of myhive Vajnorská | Tower 2 
  • Registration will be possible on the spot from 9:00
​Friday 22th October is dedicated to relaxation and massages!
  • From 10:00 until 15:00 you can enjoy 15 min thai massages.
  • Massages will be done in meeting room 1 and meeting room 2 of myhive Vajnorská | Tower 1 on the 2nd floor
  • You can sign up for specific time by the Welcome Desk at both lobbies of myhive Vajnorská 
During the whole week you will be able to visit stand "Respect 18!"
Alcohol and children do not belong together. Did you know that up to 60% of teenagers say that had their first experience with alcohol before the age of 13?
That is really too early.
That is why Plzeňský Prazdroj is implementing the "Respect 18!" project. The aim of this project is to change the tolerant attitude of the public towards the consumption of alcohol by children and adolescents.
Pick up the brochure When and how to talk to children about alcohol and express support for the project by pressing the "Respect 18!" button!
More info at

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