myhive Expert Breakfast

How do the social media help your business grow

myhive Polus Towers hosted on the 18th of September  another edition of breakfast networking event - Expert Breakfast.
The topic was: "How do the social media help your business grow".

Tomáš Cako, Social media manager & Ideamaker, from daren&curtis. told us how:

  • does your target group spend time on social media,
  • to target your advertisement to the correct people,
  • to have an upper hand over your competition,
  • can the potential customers discover your business,
  • are the brands, that have been created thanks to the social media, doing compared to the ones that don't use social media.

The presentation was mostly for:

  • the owners of businesses and brands,
  • marketing and social media managers,
  • people who don't use social media for marketing purposes.
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