Beehives on the rooftop of myhive Vajnorská

myhive Vajnorská in Bratislava launched its first beehives on its rooftop!

myhive Vajnorská in Bratislava launched its first beehives on its rooftop.

In cooperation with NGO Živica, we placed two beehives with approx. 50.000 bees which makes it our biggest and hardest working tenant :)


Additionally, we planted various perennials for the wellbeing of bees, so they can snack on the nectar and pollen anytime of the day.


myhive strives to promote ecology on our networking events by not using single-use plastics, using compostable napkins and washable cutlery.

We have also organized several eco-friendly workshops and we plan to further cooperate with Živica.

We would like to have our main CSR mission oriented towards preservation of bee populations and other pollinators.


During National week for voluntary work, together with myhive community we plan to build "bug hotels".

These serve as a dwelling for bugs that usually would make dry grass their home but can't due to the frequent grass mowing and create pollinating zones on Kuchajda lake together with the city district Nové Mesto.


If you would like to visit our beehives, just give a call to our community manager and he will gladly show you these hard working creatures that are responsible for 86% of pollination on our planet.


Beehives are placed in cooperation with CEEV Živica and project City Bees -

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