Slovakia: 200minutes myhive Halloween

Hello myhive community,

BoooOOooOOooOo! Do you like to get scared?

If your answer is yes, please have a look at our 200 minutes myhive Halloween at myhive Polus Towers in Bratislava! This fun networking event took place on the 24th of October. Monsters working at our myhive didn´t forget to change from their daily human forms into your true and scary forms! Those who were afraid to show their scary self could also use our makeup studio where our lovely makeup artists helped them to become a horrifying monster! Food was delicious as always, zombies could await tasty and intelligent brains, witches could enjoy some crunchy limbs and we also served some appetizing souls for soul reapers. The atmosphere of the evening was be full of spider webs, graves, mysterious smoke, treats for scariest monsters and a rock band.

Basically everything that must be present during the scariest night of the year! You could also try some cocktails with eyeballs and bloody wine for vampires.

Mwahahahaha, we are looking forward to seeing you on the next one.