Dear myhive Community,

2019 was quite eventful at the myhive offices. Let’s look back together what kind of experiences we had throughout the year!

We chased away the hard winter with 200 minutes parties at myhive Thirteen and myhive Greenpoint 7. Everyone danced for retro music at the Retro party and dressed up in ingenious dresses at the Carnival. The food specialties and chocolate-fountain were indispensable necessities for the events. With the FIFA Championship at myhive Haller Gardens, we made the gamers happy. The top three contestant went home with valuable prizes. On Women’s Day we held a beauty-day at myhive Átrium Park for the ladies with makeup-, hair- and style consultancy. The event ended with a photoshoot. On Earth’s Day, during mytalk we heard an instructive presentation about the harmful effects of different chemicals. We invited our lead partners to our Expert events where they could listen to presentations about current topics. The myhive Car-racing simulator cup was also a great success, where the participants could try out themselves even in tire-change.

As the better weather came, we also ventured out to the fresh air with our events. The Farmer’s market popped up every month in the myhive offices. There was a huge selection of homemade goods, such as honey, jam, meat, chees etc. The myfitness at myhive Haller Gardens and the myplay at myhive Átrium Park opened their doors in 2019. Different type of exercises have been tried out at the opening of myfitness. The first myjob Expo was held in May where we created a platform where the companies and the students can meet. As we stepped in the summer, the 200 minutes parties started to spice up the mood. There was live music and different types of dance groups occupied the stage. Our guest stars were Mrs. Columbo and Freddie. For cooling our community -we organised ice-cream tastings during the hot summer. The Family day closed the summer where the children could try out sports and handcrafting while their parents could relax.

During autumn season numerous food- and drink specialties were offered for taste test at myhive lobbies. Book fairs came to the offices before the holidays. We also participated in the Christmas Shoe-box raise and made lot of children’s Christmas happier. The year was crowned by two Christmas events, one at myhive Greenpoint 7 and one at myhive Átrium Park.

There was several opportunities for donating blood at the myhive buildings during the year. The massage came to the office to help step out of the working days monotony. The theatre lovers had the opportunity to buy their ticket easily and conveniently since there was ticket sales regularly throughout the year at the myhive offices.

The free myhive App helped their users to be up-to-date with the upcoming myhive events and services.

In the name of the myhive Community team I would like to thank you for being an enthusiastic participant at our events. We hope you had a great time during this year and our programs gave a little shine to the usually gray working days.

We wish you all Merry Christmas! Let’s meet in 2020 again!

Your Community Manager,

Jenő Nizák

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