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Theme of the week: Sleep & health

Dear myhive community,

Sleep is essential for human health as it plays an important role for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. When people do not sleep enough, or deeply enough, this dysfunction can affect their blood pressure, heart rate, mental status, hormones, and immune system, and sleep deprivation is known to induce oxidative stress.

Below we present what we learned from the community expert, Dr. Ana-Maria Stoica, in the section "The Health Expert Moment".

✅ Sleep deprivation has negative effects on health and can cause chronic illness and stress or anxiety. The sad news is that sleep deprivation actually shortens the life. Recent studies show that individuals who sleep  less than six hours a night have a 12% increased risk of dying prematurely, relative to those getting six to eight hours a night. 

✅ Recent studies show that one of the biological functions of sleep may be protection against oxidative stress.

✅ Recommendations for a better sleep hygiene: be consistent on a sleep schedule, spend as much as possible time outside as opposed to artificial light, limit the exposure to electronics at least one hour before bedtime, exercise during the day and avoid caffeine, heavy meals and alcohol before going to bed.

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Mirela Radu

myhive Community Manager