myhive community

myhive Community

Members of the myhive community have access to all kinds of educational, enjoyable and relaxing events, from expert talks and sports to after work gatherings.

A programme of colourful and entertaining happenings adds the finishing touches, including pop-up stores, fairs and all kinds of surprises!


Mirela Radu

Community Manager


myhive S-Park has many services and facilities for its tenants and visitors, including a restaurant, drug store, beauty salon, lounge area, relaxation spaces, bike storage and showers, shuttle bus, high speed Wi-Fi, an ATM, 24h security and on-site staff.

Charging station for electric cars

We care about the environment, so not only do we offer myhive community members the chance to charge their own electric car, we also have an electric car they can book and drive to meetings outside the office.

Indoor parking

The myhive indoor parking facility has space for both cars and bicycles.

Shuttle bus

The shuttle bus line connects Aviatorilor Metro Station with myhive S-Park.

24h security

Trained staff discreetly ensure that the myhive offices remain perfectly secure.

High speed WI-FI internet

High-speed internet is available to all tenants in the building.

Bike room, showers and lockers

For those who prefer the bicycle to the car, myhive offers parking spaces for bicycles, lockers and showers.


A restaurant and a selection of cafés and pastry shops provide a mouth-watering range of options for lunch or just snacks at myhive S-Park.

The Choice

Located in myhive S-Park retail area, The Choice is a self-service restaurant with a wide range of food, cakes, soft drinks and yogurts. 


This company prepares ultra-fresh regional food & drinks so that they can be enjoyed the next day.


PAUL is a family firm that builds on time-honoured production traditions passed down for five generations.


In a warm and friendly atmosphere, at 1 Minute you can have a drink or a snack on the outdoor terrace. 


myhive S-Park has a variety of shops for tenants and visitors to make their lives easier.

Drug store

Sensiblu, a well-known local pharmaceutical group, offers to myhive tenants a variety of medicines, beauty & healthcare products.

VAYA Studio

VAYA STUDIO has been involved in the beauty business since 2011.