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The carbohydrates and their role in nutrition

Dear myhive community,

Expert Talk sessions with Dr. Ana Maria Stoica are always a source of inspiration and useful information, and we took notes on the importance of carbohydrates:

🟡The carbohydrates can be of two types: simple or complex. The simple ones are assimilated faster in the blood as opposed to the complex ones, which are composed of several monosaccharides, which must be separated to reach the blood.

🟢There are two sources of carbohydrates: those that are generally healthy (whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains) and those that are generally unhealthy, meaning the processed foods such as drinks sweetened with fructose-rich corn syrup, sugars refined or white flour for dessert.

🔵 Although vegan diets are recommended, as reducing meat consumption is beneficial, we must be careful to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates from generally unhealthy sources.

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Mirela Radu

Community Manager

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