Rafał Gębura for myhive

"7 meters for the Earth" - a series of eco interviews straight from the 38th floor of myhive Warsaw Spire

The collaboratoin with Rafał Gębura is the next edition of our #myhiveourfuture project, which we created as part of joining the Climate Leadership powered by UN Environment program. By participating in the initiative, we have committed to increasing awareness among myhive tenants in the field of the climate crisis through various events, workshops and webinars.

This time we approached the subject in a slightly original way. We have established a collaboration with Rafał Gębura, a journalist and founder of the "7 meters underground" channel, who in his career has conducted over 150 interviews that gained great recognition and millions of views.

"7 meters for the Earth" is a series of interviews with interesting personalities related to the world of ecology, who visited our 38th floor, in the new space of mycowork. Starting today, you can watch the first episode, featuring Kasia Gandor, a biotechnologist by education, and a social activist and leader of the popular science channel on YouTube. But enough with the story-telling, see for yourself!


Your Community Manager,

Karolina Mysińska-Maroszek