Rafał Gębura and Maciej Orłoś on ecology

The second episode of the series "7 meters for the Earth" in the spaces of mycowork Warsaw Spire.

Have you seen the latest edition of the series with Maciej Orłos in the leading role? I don't think we need to introduce you to the next guest of the show. A well-known journalist, actor, creator on the YouTube platform and co-host of the program "You garbage!", talked about the detox from plastic, and he reason why television programmes do not pay enough attention to ecology.

Also, If you would like to test your knowledge on recycling, we invite you to take part in a quiz, where both the host and the guest asked each other questions. Find out if you are a recycling master!

So, are you ready to take on the ecological challenge? Link to the episode below!

Your Community Manager,

Karolina Mysińska-Maroszek