Poland: Soy candles with no secrets!

Soy Candles Creating Workshop for the myhive community

They smell beautiful, they are environmentally friendly, and they simply look great! These are soy candles created by members of the myhive community during a workshop on June 21st.

Thanks to the wonderful instructors, we had the opportunity to create beautiful soy candles in jars, tealights and special massage candles. We learned why soy wax is safer for the environment (but also for people and animals!) than paraffin wax and we got to know the magical process of mixing wax with fragrance oils. We also learned how simple it is to create your own soy candle and we already have the basics of knowledge to go ahead and start our home production!

Our wonderful and beautifully scented small works of art are the perfect gift for your loved ones - or for yourself ;) See our photo report from this event – the photos are simply beautiful!


Your Community Manager
Kasia Zychla