Poland: Pottery workshops for myhive community

Opportunity to discover your inner artist!

On May 17, 2022, the myhive community had the opportunity to see what a wonderful and plastic material clay is! We took part in the pottery workshop and had the opportunity to let our imagination run wild. We created the plates, bowls, vases and figurines of our dreams. After getting acquainted with the rules of working with clay and the presentation of molding techniques by experienced instructors from the Kaliente studio, each participant could create whatever they dreamed of. We had various tools at our disposal - brushes, modeling spatulas, scrubbers and various stamps. The only limitation was our imagination!

Working with clay is a long process. After drying, our beautiful works will be baked at a temperature of approx. 900 degrees to the form of the so-called biscuit. Then, each participant will be able to come to the studio to learn the pottery glazing process and give their works their final dream look. Then one final baking in the oven, and voila! We are waiting for the final results of the great work of our community members. After the workshops, we already know that we have some real artists among you!

Your Community Manager
Kasia Zychla