#myhiveourfuture painting reveal

Take a look at the community's common work in the lobby of myhive Warsaw Spire.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”- H. Keller

As in life, also in art! The myhive community together created an impressive painting that today graces the interior of the myhive Warsaw Spire lobby. This artistic initiative was created as part of the #myhiveourfuture environmental project, which aims to increase tenants' awareness of the climate crisis. During the art workshop, 30 participants painted parts of the artwork, which, after appropriate combination, showed the project by the artist Aneta Klejnowska. It was created with the myhive values in mind and shows the world we would like to leave for future generations.

It's amazing how much talent our community gathers!

Your Community Manager,

Karolina Mysińska Maroszek