Poland: Jewish cuisine at your fingertips!

“What’s Cooking - Jewish Culinary Culture” in POLIN Museum

Ah, what a day it was! On May 26, the myhive community had the opportunity to take part in a unique event - an evening tour of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews combined with a tasting of Jewish cuisine in the Warsze restaurant! "What’s Cooking" is a special temporary exhibition devoted to Jewish culinary culture. We made a real journey through time and space! We had the opportunity to get to know the variety of traditions and dishes of the Jews living for centuries in the Diaspora, as well as learn how they spread food and products, from the Middle Ages to the great waves of emigration in the 19th and 20th centuries.

After an extremely interesting exhibition, it was time for a feast! In the Warsze restaurant located in the POLIN Museum, we had a tasting of Jewish cuisine. Challah, cholent, gefilte fish, holishkes or various pickles are dishes so similar to those known to us from Polish cuisine, and yet - thanks to the use of unusual spices - completely different! The whole experience definitely satisfied our palates!

Your Community Manager
Kasia Zychla