MIND BODY classes for ladies!

A real feast for the body and soul

We all miss sport activities, therefore the exceptional MIND BODY classes for the myhive community started last week. MIND BODY is a formula that combines strengthening the body and soothing the mind. During this exceptional period of time, let's take care of ourselves and our condition; both mental and physical. Let us support and motivate each other! Every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm we exercise together. Classes are conducted in small groups, at myhive community homes via the Zoom. During our online training sessions, we focus on: 

- increasing flexibility,
- lengthening, strengthening, and balancing the body,
- calming the mind and nervous system.


Remember It's up to you whether you turn on the webcam during the class, if you prefer privacy in the comfort of your home, that's fine - you decide! Do something for yourself and stay strong!