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myhive Park Postępu

A complex of four modern buildings in the center of the business district in Warsaw.

Join myhive community!

At myhive Park Postępu you will be welcomed into the ever-expanding 3,000 people community, where you can benefit from free-of-charge attractions, dedicated to your needs and interests.

We offer tailor-made networking events, the Expert Talk series, as well as numerous sports activities. The heart of our tenants was taken by the intimate concerts - myhive music club straight from the 38th floor of myhive Warsaw Spire. The current pandemic situation has verified our strategy and approach in this regard. Even so, we are not slowing down. You can find the events calendar in the myhive app.

Why are we doing this? The organized myhive events are a tool aimed at developing a network of contacts, both on a social and business basis, among people working in buildings covered by this brand.

Do you have a bright idea that you would like to contribute to the myhive community? Feel free to contact myhive Community Manager, who interacts with our tenants and coordinates events for myhive community.

2022.01.20 myhive Kasia Ciszkowska_002.jpg

Katarzyna Ciszkowska


The list of facilities and services at myhive Park Postepu includes a restaurant with café, delicatessen, pharmacy, medical center, optician, courier services, car wash and laundry service. Tenants can also benefit from a free of charge WiFi connection. During spring and summer tenants can also benefit from free of charge myhive bike system. The office complex provides the tenants with nearly 700 indoor and 130 outdoor parking spaces.

Niezły Kocioł Restaurant

Niezły Kocioł is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of meals and snacks. 

Bike Cafe

Mobile coffee shop offering exceptional, high-quality coffee. Located in lobby C, next to the myhive lounge area.