Expert Breakfast & Food Market

in cooperation with Altas Copco and Guru Cafe

Expert Breakfast & Food Market

We have organized an EXPERT BREAKFAST & FOOD MARKET in cooperation with our tenants Atlas Copco and Guru Cafe to support a non-profit institution Water4All that gives people in need access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. This time we focused on a funding project for marginalized communities in Ukraine, Zakarpattya region. Even though this country is a very close neighbour of ours, they struggle with major problems such as lack of drinking water. All the questions regarding this topic were answered by the experts responsible for the project during the breakfast.

The breakfast was prepared by employees of Atlas Copco – homemade cakes, healthy salads, sandwiches and much more, made with love and meaning to help. Jakub prepared delicious pancakes and tea & coffee was served by Guru Café team.

The cost of breakfast was voluntary and we managed to raise Czk 20 844. In addition to it, Atlas Copco doubled the amount to the final total of Czk 62 532 which was donated to the project Watar4All. We would like to thank to our partners and to all our tenants who joined us for the breakfast and ate themselves full and did something for a good cause.