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myhive Community
Pankrác House

myhive Pankrác House is a modern office building with fully equiped environment which will make your working days enjoyable. With flexibility and full customer orientation, myhive is your partner for all your business needs.

Our Community Manager at myhive Pankrác House organises reagular networking meetings for our tenants, informal end-of-workdays events, sports activities and interesting workshops.

Do you have some suggestions of your own that you would like to contribute to the myhive community? Just contact our representatives and you can meet up for a cup of coffee and share your ideas.



Our culinary offer

Pizzeria & Ristorante Palatino

In the stylish, modern interior, you can explore not only Italian cuisine but also dishes of world gastronomy.

Palatino Guru Cafe

Fresh bakery products and cup of coffee every day.