myhive Palmovka

Architecture & Urban design

myhive Palmovka is an unconventional administration building in many ways. It connects modern architecture with a historic production hall. There are also two artworks part of the office buildings placed in their publicly accessed areas.

myhive Palmovka THREE has a lobby with the reception and the enrtrance to the restaurant and there is an approximately three meters high sculpture named Průnik/Penetration by Jan Poupě referring to the industrial past of the place with Libeň shipyards; it suggests a virtual axis between the Libeňský shipyard and the historic centre of Libeň.

The artwork in myhive Palmovka FOUR is a large mural – A Waterfall – by Patrik Hábl placed in the escalator corridor area connecting Voctářova street with the lobby and reception.

We have been inspired by connection of office buildings and art and the lobby areas offer a great opportunity for various pop-up art exhibitions of Czech and Slovak artists. The latest temporary artwork was a sculpture “Desire” by Jiří Kaifosz placed in the publicly accessed area. Our aim si to create a fresh and inspiring environment for all who meet at myhive Palmovka. Art connects people and we already keep getting recommendation from our myhive community for interestings artists who could present their artwork in "our myhive gallery".