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A travelling art exhibition

Piece of Peace / Jitka Němečková

"My greatest passion is to touch the human soul with a brush. I am a wanderer through the landscape behind my eyes and I travel in an endless world of human feelings in colors, shades and strokes. Fragile in my strength, strong in softness, I head to the valley of the heart, to the tops of the mountains and to the distant corners of the almost forgotten history, and then return home to tell stories" says about her artwork the painter Jitka Němečková.

Jitka leaves the colors freely and respectfully to find their own path on the canvas, and completely present, intuitively and without control, she follows a deep process of creation.

Let us cordially invite you to her landscape, to the ART OF SOUL gallery. And enjoy some moments from the opening of the exhibition captured on photographs. There was a banquet, live-music a guided tour for myhive memebers by the painter herself.