myart at myhive

Constellation of Souls / Jitka Němečková

200 minutes: pop-up art exhibition

Jitka Němečková paints abstract paintings that touch the essence of the human soul. She perceives the soul as an inner space where we are the closest to ourselves and where we can listen to deep truth. Jitka gets inspiration for her paintings in human stories and in the richness of the diversity of experiences. The intention of her work is to resound the tones stored deeply in the heart and bring understanding, hope and beauty.

myhive Pankrác House was the first to open its doors to the art, where the exhibition took place from April to May. Subsequently, the exhibition moved to myhive Palmovka where we organised an after work event for our tenants from myhive Palmovka as well as myhive Pankrác House. It was a nice opportunity to conect our both myhive communities and enjoy the Constellation of Souls as well as Constellation of Stars because it was an open air event and took place at the roof terrace with stunning views.

Office space of myhive buildings offer comfortable, home-like environments that make people come to the office with a smile on their face. Placing an art at myhive offices is another benefit for our myhive community because we believe art in the workplace can help connect people and stimulate creative discussions.