Online Expert Talk

The role of proteins in the diet

Dear myhive community,

For the best information about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Ana Maria Stoica is always close to myhive community. This week we had a new online Expert Talk about proteins and their role in our diet. We took notes and we want to share with everyone what we learned:

✅ Proteins are found in cheese, eggs, meat, legumes, nuts/seeds, mushrooms, fish/seafood.

✅ A high-protein diet helps in the process of losing weight almost immediately, but only temporarily.

✅ Protein contributes to a decrease in total cholesterol.

✅ They provide a feeling of satiety for longer.

✅ However, a high-protein diet can bring side effects, such as headaches, heat and fatigue.

More information you can find out if you are following the recorded Expert Talk session in the myhive-offices application.

Mirela Radu

Community Manager