Online Expert Talk

Detox - a natural process?

Dear myhive community,

Today, dr. Ana Maria Stoica, our community’s expert was with us to help us understand better a very popular concept these days: detox. These webinars are meant to teach us how to take better care of our health especially in the pandemic context.

If you missed this Expert Talk session or if you are curious about the main topics covered, we invite you to read below:

1️⃣   Toxins are everywhere - in food, water, the air we breathe, even in the furniture in the room. Some of the most common environmental toxins are heavy metals, chlorine, formaldehyde, pollution, mold, flame retardants, exhaust fumes and even electromagnetic radiation. All of these are harmful to health.

2️⃣   Extreme fasting / detox diets can lead to deficiencies such as protein and vitamins, electrolyte imbalance, or lactic acidosis - all elements playing an important role in our well-being.

3️⃣   The liver is a major detoxifying organ and works daily to keep our body clean.

4️⃣   To get rid of toxins in the body we must make sure that we have a diet rich in plant foods, that we exercise regularly and that we understand how each organ plays its role in this whole process.

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Mirela Radu

Community Manager