myhive Romania: online Pilates classes

Pilates exercises at home to boost your mood

Dear myhive community,

Working from home is as demanding as working from the office. For this reason we need to do physical and mental maintenance exercises to always keep ourselves in our optimal shape. Therefore, we prepared for you a series of free online Pilates classes with Iulia Dincă, Pilates instructor, part of the team of wellness consultants

Every Tuesday, for 8 weeks, you are invited to Pilates classes, starting at 18:00, to keep you in top shape!
•  Where: online, on Zoom; after you have registered for the courses, in the myhive application, you will receive an e-mail from us with an invitation (link) for Pilates classes.
•  Duration: 40 minutes
•  Level: beginner
You only need a laptop, a internet connexion, a comfy outfit, a mat and a bottle of water.
To register and for more details, go to the "events" section in the myhive-offices application.

Mirela Radu

myhive Community Manager