myhive Romania: Online Expert Talk 

How to support immune system during the cold season and the pandemic

Dear myhive members,

During the Expert Talk session that took place last week, Live, on Zoom, we talked about the immune system and how we can help it during the cold season and in the pandemic context. Doctor Ana-Maria Stoica met online with myhive community and shared with us specialist insights and tips for a strong immune system during this period.

If you play the recording for which you have the link in myhive-offices application, we advise you to take notes and implement the "battle plan", that the doctor told us about:

 1️ Optimizing the diet and the lifestyle

2️  Utilizing the power of food as a medicine

3️⃣ Use of approved food supplements

More information about each step from the ‘’battle plan” is provided also by our weekly column “The Health Expert Moment”, available in myhive-offices app or on our Facebook page.

All the details about the online event are in the myhive-offices app.

Mirela Radu

myhive Community Manager