myhive Metroffice

myhive Community

Members of the myhive community have access to all kinds of educational, enjoyable and relaxing events, from expert talks and sports to after work gatherings.

A programme of colourful and entertaining happenings adds the finishing touches, including pop-up stores, fairs and all kinds of surprises during the year!


Mirela Radu

Community Manager


The space is both enjoyable and well equipped. Not only does the building boast natural daylight and a green yard, it also has ample parking, a delightful café in the interior garden and a sports centre.

my motric

The newest and most modern fitness centre in Romania opened its doors at myhive Metroffice! 

Indoor and outdoor parking

All myhive offices have parking facilities.

24h security

Trained staff discreetly ensure that the myhive offices remain perfectly secure.

High speed WI-FI internet

High-speed internet is available to all tenants in the building.

Bike room, showers and lockers

For those who prefer the bicycle to the car, myhive offers parking spaces for bicycles, lockers and showers.

1 minute 

1 Minute exudes a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy a leisurely drink or snack on the outdoor terrace. It's a place for myhive community members to sample a variety of products based on unique, personal recipes created by the French chef. 


In a warm and friendly atmosphere, at 1 Minute you can have a drink or a snack on the outdoor terrace.