First Expert breakfast Live edition in on-line

Lifestyle changes to improve your everyday immune resilience to viruses and other pathogens


We moved some of our favorite moments online: the #expertbreakfast sessions. The first LIVE edition took place, on ZOOM, on April 24th.

Our guest was Dr. Ana Maria Stoica, endocrinologist and family medicine specialist, with training in molecular nutrition and anti-aging and we discussed how we support a healthy immune system during this period.

In a period with a high risk of contracting COVID-19, favorable immune modulation function may be an important strategy for reducing the chances of infection, but also for potentially reducing the severity and complications of the disease. immune, today I took notes etc and I found the first steps in supporting a healthy immune system

We took notes and learned the following from Dr. Stoica:

Eat colorful foods. The plate should look like a rainbow and green should predominate.

Seasonal fruits should not be missing. These are the perfect snacks.

Use fresh greens, not frozen.

Hydrate and exercise.