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Greenpoint 7
myhive Community

The myhive Greenpoint 7 is not a usual office building. Thanks to the unique community building concept, the daily life of our tenants is varied. Our Community Manager, Jenő Nizák organizes a lot of networking and community forming events in our office building. The 200 minutes events, the expert breakfasts or the sport events are surrounded by high expectations each and every time. The flavors of the countryside is brought to the office by the farmer’s market. We hold Christmas markets and events every year for the festive mood.

The need and the opinion of our tenants is very important for us. Your personal Community Manager will be glad to listen to your suggestions. He looks after our tenants day in, day out and he is committed to create a great community.


Jeno Nizák

Community Manager

myhive -
workplace redefined

myhive is an international office brand which endeavours to set new standards on the market. With inspiring design, adaptable facilities and a wide range of services, the brand is focused entirely on well-being at work.

Outside Area

Enjoy your café at the quiet, huge inner yard if you need a break.

Café & Restaurant

You don't have to go far for lunch, as there a restaurant and café in the building.

Serviced office

Serviced offices are fully furnished and equipped premises where the rent is calculated according to the number of workstations and not the floor space.

24h security

Trained staff discreetly ensure that the myhive offices remain perfectly secure.

Welcome desk

The receptionists in the myhive offices actively cater to the needs of tenants and visitors, whether they have questions or require services.

On-site facility management

Competent facility managers take care of the myhive offices. 

Bike room, showers and lockers

For those who prefer the bicycle to the car, myhive offers parking spaces for bicycles, lockers and showers.

Metropolitan restaurant

Friendly service, cheap prices and delicious offers in your office building.

Invia travel agency

Invia is a travel agency network established in 2002 in the Czech Republic, providing services through its websites. 


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