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myhive Greenpoint  is a well-located office building in the 7th district of Budapest. The modern common garden gives us a pleasant feeling while it is comfortable and practical. The attractive myhive lobby is perfect for holding informal meetings or just having a short break

Greenpoint 7
myhive Közösség

The myhive Greenpoint 7 is not a usual office building. Thanks to the unique community building concept, the daily life of our tenants is varied. Our Community Manager organizes a lot of networking and community forming events in our office building. The 200 minutes events, the expert breakfasts or the sport events are surrounded by high expectations each and every time. The flavors of the countryside is brought to the office by the farmer’s market. We hold Christmas markets and events every year for the festive mood.

The need and the opinion of our tenants is very important for us. Your personal Community Manager will be glad to listen to your suggestions. He looks after our tenants day in, day out and he is committed to create a great community.




Restaurant & Shops

myhive Greenpoint’ s adaptable infrastructure includes a popular restaurant serving a delicious selection of dishes. Metropolitan Restaurant is the best place for breakfast as well, a sandwich or a coffee, while in luchtime is very popular due to its lunch menu and cafeteria section.

Metropolitan restaurant

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