Art Workshop with myhive!

Check out the results of our talented community!

As part of our #myhiveourfuture campaign - we enhance not only your knowledge on the subjects of climate crisis, but also your creativity! After all, it is an indispensable element of searching for new ecological solutions. At the last art workshop, we recreated the Aneta Klejnowska’s art piece. Her work was inspired by myhive and our ecological values. It shows the world that we would like to leave for future generations. Each participant, received a part of the picture to recreate. After combining all 30 elements, they will turn into one, amazing masterpiece that you will be able to admire in full splendor on May 17 in the lobby of myhive Warsaw Spire building.

The workshop was led by the amazing painter Paweł Korab Kowalski,  who took us through the painting techniques in detail and shared with us the necessary knowledge to complete our work. We love such artistic sensations!

Your Community Manager, 

Karolina Mysińska-Maroszek