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Markus Czakert
Senior Leasing Manager Office

myhive Urban Garden offers an office oasis with living room character on over 18,000 m². We are proud to take sustainable work to the next level with our BREEAM certified property!

Katrin Gögele-Celeda, Country Manager Operations Austria
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myhive Urban Garden:
Grand Opening
August 2023

We are in the middle of the renovation of the new office location "myhive Urban Garden"! For a little taste of the sustainable and modern office space that will be created at myhive Wienerberg, we are constantly posting the progress of the construction site here.
You can already guess a little bit! #staytuned

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May 2022 to September 2022

The Office Basis for Sustainable High Flights


Balance is the core idea of our time: between work and leisure, between success and recreation, between economic ambition and sustainable responsibility. The office oasis "Urban Garden" on the Wienerberg will create this balance as a matter of course from summer 2023: people's wishes and needs are the focus, with maximum efficiency and a lot of attention to (balanced) detail ...


The new myhive Urban Garden has:

BREEAM-Certification "Outstanding"
Green rental agreements
Energy-efficiency Class A
100% Green electricity
Green facades
Car/E-Bikes/E-Scooter Sharing programmes
Multiple balconies and a big terrace

myhive Urban Garden

Sustainable working

myhive am Wienerberg | Urban Garden which will be finished in August 2023 brings work and life into a sustainable balance for you on over 18.000 m². And that while you go about your business. Embedded in a green terrace landscape, your new office feels like a natural recreational area with a living room atmosphere. By the way, meetings or work sessions in the open air are possible at myhive am Wienerberg | Urban Garden program from the very beginning. Because your new office or personal rental space naturally has its own balcony with a garden - with a direct view of the Wienerberg recreational area. myhive am Wienerberg | Urban garden prevents many stress factors. Thanks to office spaces that adapt to the needs of your company, a generous infrastructure including shops for daily needs and a large number of restaurants and cafes right in front of the office door. And the ideal transport connection allows you to reach any destination without rushing. We are also committed to sustainable trade. The design of all green spaces including plants, the greatest possible waste disposal and careful energy consumption are the responsibility of all tenants.

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The handover of the office space will be possible from August 2023. The project has a total area of ​​18,500 m² and is BREEAM certified. The special focus is on sustainable construction. A large terrace and many balconies make the office look like a recreational area.

myhive am Wienerberg
Urban Garden

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Urban Garden outside.jpg
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Urban Garden Besprechung.jpg
Urban Garden Balkon.jpg


myoffice is the newest myhive product, that has never been available on the market before. In other words, it can be called a private coworking space as flexibility is its main determinant. myoffice - which is currently being developed within the entire myhive portfolio is ready for rent, private serviced, available from one month, with full infrastructure, its own reception, conference rooms, focus rooms, lounge, kitchen, server room, toilet, prepared in iconic myhive design. Our tenants enjoy an all-inclusive offer with various services, which are settled by a flat rate

Office solutions can be rented for immediate use or
can be rented for immediate use with fixed equipment or individually
adapted to the space requirements.



Do you prefer your own office in the thick of it, rather than on the sidelines? Representatively branded with your company logo? Perfect! In our coworking area, you will experience a vibrant and contemporary working environment with modern furnishing, a generous infrastructure and exclusive office services. Welcome!



Arrive, connect your laptop, start work straight away. That is how easy it is with the mydeskplug in and work workspaces: designated individual workspaces – with first-class equipment and connected to a generous office infrastructure, as well as great office services. You get everything you need for your successful business. Don’t hesitate and get started!



The best time for your flexible workspace is right now. And wherever you choose: Book myflex in a myhive location of your choice – and simply always choose the free space that is just right for your daily tasks. You can find it in our comfortable coworking area. Our office infrastructure and office services for modern working will also impress you. So when exactly can we expect to see you?


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