myhive Yoga

Use our myhive services at home: Online Yoga with Caro!

Especially in times like these, yoga and meditation can be important supports to gather inner strength for challenges.
June is all about SELFCARE and self-love, and many great benefits await you. As a MiNDFUL Yogi you get the ALL I CAN package exclusively for 120€ in June.
Choose from a total of 27 ONLINE Yoga sessions with a focus on "Change your Energy", concrete:
  • 19 MiNDFUL FLOW sessions
  • 4 Kundalini Yoga sessions
  • 3 Yin Yoga sessions
  • 1 SPECIAL: flow & Element Dance
As a bonus, there is 24-hour access to video recording (except for specials and Kundalini Yoga).