myhive x Caritas - Christkindlaktion

Together with the myhive community, we would like to start a new tradition this year! Get a self-written Christmas wish letter and bring joy to numerous children and adults!


This year is slowly coming to an end and the Christmas season is just around the corner. Unfortunately, many people are not lucky enough to have such a luxury - which is why we would like to start a new tradition!

We have been able to get hold of some letters with Christmas wishes from children and adults from the Caritas homes and would like to pass them on to our myhive community.

How does it work?

Pick up a self-written Christmas wish letter worth €30, €50 or €70 from the residents of the Caritas houses from 20.11. at the Welcome Desk in the VTT.

The wrapped gift can be handed in at the Welcome Desk by November 30.

Companies and/or private individuals are welcome to take part!

We will then collect the gifts and deliver them to the Caritas facilities.

We hope for many supporters and are looking forward to making some children and adults happy.

Your myhive Community & Operations Team,

Julia Dobbler, Jana Warnecke and Carlos Camacho