myhive Update

Updated information at myhive at the Wienerberg!

As the situation around coronavirus has recently worsened again with increasing numbers of cases, the following applies with immediate effect:
Wearing a mouth and nose protection is mandatory on all generally accessible areas throughout myhive at Wienerberg. This includes all corridors as well as the mall and all business and restaurant areas in accordance with the valid legal regulations.
At the Welcome Desk you will receive free myhive-masks if required.

Please continue to use our free offer of hand disinfectants on the stands.
The following rules remain unchanged:

  • PROTECTION: Mandatory wearing of mouth and nose protection as mentioned above.
  • DISTANCE: Keep at least 1 meter distance from other people. Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands.
  • HYGIENE: Wash and disinfect hands at least once an hour. Do not touch the face - especially mouth, eyes, nose - with your fingers. Hygienic sneezing and coughing into a handkerchief or into the crook of your arm, but not into your hands.

Usage of elevators:

  • The above mentioned rules PROTECTION, DISTANCE and HYGIENE are also valid before and in the lifts.
  • Please wait with the appropriate distance in front of the locks / in front of the lifts if several people are already waiting for the lift.

For your safety, the technical protective measures we have taken will of course continue without any changes:

  • Office ventilation systems: Air volumes and operating times of the ventilation systems were extended. All ventilation systems run 100% with fresh air, there is no recirculation operation. In March/April, all systems were subjected to extra-schedule maintenance and all filters were replaced. The supply air humidity has been increased according to expert specifications.
  • Condensed cleaning intervals for WC groups, lifts, lift lobbies and bicycle storage.

Our task force is at your disposal:
Michael Klose (Immofinanz),     T +43 (1) 88090 2764,  
Julia Dobbler (Immofinanz),      T +43 (1) 88090 2529,  
Martina Weichenberger (EHL), T +43 (1) 512 7690 846,  
Markus Huber (TBF),                T +43 (1) 600 5395 2803,
Together, let us more than ever pay attention to our safety and health!