myhive sustainability project

The initiative „Jede Dose zählt“ has the main focus on raising awareness, promoting recycling and sustainability.

myhive sustainability project


"Dear myhive Community,

during the last years, many sustainability projects have been developed to raise awareness for our environment. In the context of our myhive community, we ask for your attention for an initiative that is present in Austria as well as in 13 further EU countries: “Jede Dose zählt” (i.e. each can counts). Focus is on raising awareness, promoting recycling and sustainability.

To get attention for the topic of can recycling and to make popular environmental-friendly behaviour, the initiative has developed several activities. Why? If cans are thrown into the correct trash can and recycled, in only 60 days an empty one can be used to produce a new one. Plus: Recycling saves appr. 95% of the energy needed to produce a new can. Today, roughly 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use.

Participate in this awareness campaign and use the materials provided to inform employees and customers, and underscore your effort for sustainability. Maybe some members of your team enjoy Red Bull or a Coke from the can? But are these cans also recycled?

“Jede Dose zählt” has developed a company program to support you in informing the team: You will receive branded trash cans for empty beverage cans, inviting to collect and recycle them. Together with those trash cans come various printed materials and a collection album, collecting a seal for every filled trash can. Once the album is filled with 10 seals, you will receive goodies and prizes (e.g. a beverage assortment) rewarding correct recycling. And: No need to think about disposal – the initiative cooperates closely with ARA who takes care of collecting the trash cans without any cost for your company.

As a further reward, each company that participates will be named on the initiative’s website, in news releases and on social media as an example for responsible behaviour.

Please find all details on the website (, on Facebook( and Instagram ( For personal information, please approach Bianca Tallian via or phone +43 1 59932-19.

This project helps to raise awareness for our environment but also strengthens your company’s reputation regarding sustainability by providing strong pr support.

Your community manager
Julia Jacobs"