myhive soccer tournament 3.0

Dear myhive Community,
on Friday, 17.05., the myhive community fought for the third time for victory in the Soccer Dome Vienna.
A total of 9 teams competed against each other in warm, sunny weather.
The "VAILLANT Kickers" could "kick" the first place with seven to two. The second place was won by the "EHL Blue Knights" and the third place was won by the "Titelverteidiger" - everyone had fun!
Also present (in order of placement) were: "Wienerberger UNITED", "myhive 200min", "INTER Wienerberger", "RWA Agro Fighters", "Recht UNTALENTIERT" and "SOS - Sieg oder Sarg".
After the entertaining games and the honouring of the winning teams, the evening was finished with delicious snacks, refreshing drinks and exciting conversations.
We are already looking forward to the next myhive-soccer-evening!
Your Community Manager
Julia Dobbler
3.MyHive Fussballturnier-001_ergebnis.jpg
3.MyHive Fussballturnier-002_ergebnis.jpg
3.MyHive Fussballturnier-006_ergebnis.jpg
3.MyHive Fussballturnier-037_ergebnis.jpg
3.MyHive Fussballturnier-038_ergebnis.jpg
3.MyHive Fussballturnier-122_ergebnis.jpg