myhive Pop Up Store - Bürobuddy

myhive Pop Up Sore- Bürobuddy 2023


Dear myhive Community,

We have a special new Pop-Up Store tenant to introduce to you: Bürobuddy!

With BüroBuddy, they have developed the perfect digital companion for everyday working life, which supports you in your daily fight against your individual tensions, pains and posture problems. With the most effective exercises, an individual training plan that is adapted to your needs and helpful tips and tricks, you'll be fit for everyday work in just a few minutes, anytime and anywhere. Rounded off by exciting gamification elements for more motivation and team cohesion on the common path to better health.

Where: myhive library

When: September 26th, 8 AM - to 4 PM

Join their special myhive Community Workshop at 9 AM. 

Visit the store and find the perfect solution for staying active during your workday!


Your Community Management