myhive massage

Relaxation on Monday –myhive massage service in February!



Dear myhive community,

Relaxation and balance to the strenuous office work - no matter which season of the year - should not be missing at myhive am Wienerberg.

As always on Mondays, we also offer the right relaxation in January for a good start to the week: With our massage slots at myhive am Wienerberg.

This month on February 4, 11, 18 and 25 the following time slots are available:
00.05 – 00.35 p.m.
00.40 – 01.10 p.m.
01.15 – 01.45 p.m.
01.50 – 02.20 p.m.
02.25 – 02.55 p.m.
03.00 – 03.30 p.m.
03.35 – 04.05 p.m.

Tseng Hsueh Feng, a healing masseur with a wide range of complementary special training, will again provide balance and relaxation in 2019.

As usual, you can relax on level A34 and prices have not changed either: 30€ per 30-minute unit, € 55,- per 60-minute unit.
For the binding booking please use the corresponding forms at our Welcome Desk.

Your community manager
Julia Dobbler