myhive farmers market

Today’s myhive farmers market has to be cancelled!


farmers market

Dear myhive community,

we just got the news from Anna that today's myhive farmers market has to be cancelled due to an accident of her supplier.

Since freshness and best quality are the top priority at Anna's Kisterl, Anna is now trying to find a suitable refrigerated vehicle to be able to supply her regular customers with the tasty and fresh delicacies. Due to these circumstances, she unfortunately had to cancel today's myhive farmers market in the south foyer of the myhive Twin Towers.

We wish Anna and her supplier the best and hope that the delicacies can be delivered to their customers on time.

However: Already on September 21, we will organize another follow-up. You can find out more about this in our newsletter, the myhive-offices app, our Facebook community and the myhive website.

Your community manager
Julia Dobbler