myhive farmers market

Again this year: Tasty delicacies at myhive am Wienerberg!


farmers market

Dear myhive community,

The next myhive farmers market with "Herzlichst, ANNA's Kistl" will take place on February 15, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Schanigarten next to the Welcome Desk of myhive am Wienerberg.

The full range of selected delicacies from "Herzlichst, ANNA's" includes a seasonal selection of vegetables and fruit, fresh fish, ham, sausage specialties, a fragrant alternative bread range as well as dairy products and genuine organic free-range eggs.

Additionally, freshly prepared seasonal dishes will be found on the menu this time: Whether at home or at lunchtime in the myhive Twin Towers- the new annadeluxe ToGo dishes offer a tasty alternative. The culinary selection consists of: Delicious chicken curry and vegetable chickpea curry, popular dishes such as ratatouille, chilli con carne or veal cream goulash and an appetizing soup selection (apple pumpkin, parsnip, fall minestrone). All dishes are delivered pre-packed in 530ml jars and can also be pre-ordered on request.

Convince yourself of the numerous delicacies at myhive am Wienerberg - you are guaranteed to get your taste.

All of you who would like to pre-order delicacies or the new ToGo dishes in glass, please place your order directly at: until four days before the market takes place.

Your community manager
Julia Dobbler