myhive community

The first honey of our myhive bees is available!



Dear myhive community,

our smallest members were particularly busy over the summer. The result of hard work and great motivation: Delicious myhive cream honey.

And because we want to celebrate this great milestone together with the myhive community, there was a delicious honey sharing for all our tenants today. Whether for tea, bread or snacks - we are proud of our diligent myhive bees and say thank you!

What do the bees actually do in winter?

When the first frost comes, the bees gather in the winter grape and circle their queen, who has nothing to do in winter. The ones in the outermost layer of the grape develop heat by vibrating their muscles. To produce heat, the fodder deposited in summer and autumn is used in the honeycombs. Inside the grape you will always find a comfortably warm temperature of at least 25°C.

When the outside temperature rises above 12 °C, the grape loosens, and the bees make a short cleaning flight. Afterwards, the grape is formed again in new composition.

And don't worry: Our myhive bees survive even the hardest winters, the city beekeepers will take care of that.

We are already looking forward to the next honey and keep the flag flying in the myhive Twin Towers, while the smallest community members are replenishing their strength and energy.

Your Community Manager
Julia Dobbler