Carwash service 2023

Carwashservice at Wienerberg

Dear myhive community, 


Cleaning a car is no fun for anyone, is it?

Especially not when you have to deal with really stubborn stains.

It would be a dream to go to work with a dirty car and return home with a freshly cleaned one...

That's why we offer a car wash service at myhive am Wienerberg! 

Here's how it works: you call the Twin Tower Welcome Desk (+43 19199774) or come in person, place your order and leave us your car key.


Your car will then be collected, cleaned and returned. You then simply pick up your keys again at the end of your working day and drive home with a clean car. 


If you would like to use this practical myhive service, please contact our Welcome Desk! 


Your Community Management

You can find the latest pricelist to download here: