myhive bicycle service

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bicycle service

Dear myhive community,

as our room for bicycles in the myhive Twin Towers gets more and more occupied, we are proud to offer you a bicycle service, where all bikes are checked for their technical status.

On May 3, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can have your bike checked by certified experts from Die Radbox e.U. in the bicycle room – right across of Speedfit – to be safe in the warm season.

The free check-up comprises the following services:

• Checking the handlebar, stem and steering for tightness and retightening if necessary
• Adjusting the saddle and retightening
• Checking brakes and readjusting if necessary
• Checking the lightning system
• Checking the pedals and retightening if necessary
• Cleaning and lubricating the chain
• Checking the gear system
• Checking tires and inflating if necessary
• Checking the wheel nuts and quick release for tightness
• Checking if the bike is in compliance with the StVO (Road Traffic Act)

The owner will be informed in case that a bike shows major defects and extensive repair is needed. He is obliged to bear any costs of subsequent maintenance by himself if he orders it.

Access to the bicycle room is possible only with an access card. In case yours is not activated yet, please contact our center manager Jaqueline Peritz (

Your community manager
Julia Jacobs